Factory Store Big Sale Is In Full Swing!

The Factory Store Sale is in full swing. Today is the first day and the pickings are good. I don't expect them to last forever. In fact, a few items in the store last night I could not find this morning. As you all know, I love all things Longaberger but alas I was not at the doors of the virtual store as soon as the sale opened in the wee hours of the morning (12:30 or so AM) So I can't say for certain if the missing items were part of the sale or not.

Though I am confident that most of these items will go the way of the dodo bird and we'll all regret no longer having it once its gone. www.longaberger.com/carolinecaudle

(And YES my wrought iron shelf was on sale for $18.20 can't beat that with a stick! YIPPEE! ::does the happy dance as promised::)
Caroline Caudle
Longaberger Independent Home Consultant


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