My Fancy Pie Basket!

I know I told you guys that I bought my own fancy pie basket. Who could pass up on it when it is $20 off (ONLY during the month of Aug.. there are only minutes left!!)

Even if you miss out on this great special, don't miss out on the basket. It is worth every penny and I am just loving it!

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing how I use some of my baskets and what not. So here is the first post in what I hope to be a long line.

As you can see, mine sits on a little kitchen table and I use it to hold fruits. I know from the pic the fruits aren't as plentiful as they once where (plus I'm not a professional photographer and I don't plan on quiting my day job in pursuit of such a career lol). Everybody keeps picking them off. Since it is such a central location and always in eyes view when people walk into the kitchen, I'm having a hard time keeping apples and bananas in stock. Or maybe they just look that much more appetizing in this yummy basket. Either way its a great way to get fruit into everyone's diet.

So if anyone else already has the fancy pie basket take a pic and show us how you are using yours! I'd love to hear from you!

My fancy pie basket is in rich brown. It comes in both a lighter shade (Warm Brown) and a darker shade (Deep Brown). Be sure to get yours by visiting my website:

Don't forget the Fancy Pie Basket is $20 for the month of Aug!

Caroline Caudle


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